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Stylish Looks by the Neighborhood: Fashions that Embody Every Corner of the City

What we love most about Chicago is that each neighborhood has a special flavor — hopping from one neighborhood to another can sometimes feel like you’re traveling to multiple cities in one day.

Holiday Shopping Downtown: Treat Yourself While Checking off Your Gift List

Visit unique shops in Chicago’s downtown to find gifts for everyone on your list, while having a little fun yourself!

Chicago Men’s Style Guide

Whether you’re a self-diagnosed shopaholic or you live in fear of having to buy new clothes, men living in the Chicago area are in luck because there are a number of great stores nearby selling all sorts of men’s fashion items.

Drive-In Movie Theaters Around Chicago

Drive-In Movie Theaters Around Chicago

Drive-ins are the ideal option for movie-goers who also want to enjoy the outdoors. Check out these drive-ins near Chicago.

C2E2 2012: Chicago Gets Its Geek On

C2E2 2012: Chicago Gets Its Geek On

What’s got Daredevil, John Cusack, C3P0, scantily-clad women, a bubble show and great deals on graphic novels? The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo! Check out this recap of all 3 days of C2E2!

Chicago Street Festivals: May

There is a different Chicago Street Festival every weekend of the summer, if not more than one! Check out our guide to May’s festival’s to kick off the summer.

Top Chicago Instagrammers

Now that Instagram is hurdling toward the front of the social media race, here are some Chicagoan’s worth following.

Wolff’s Flea Markets

Ever dream of a magical place where you can buy samurai swords, fresh fruit, vintage beer steins and comic books? Wolff’s Flea Markets has all that and tons, tons more.

Vaudezilla Burlesque Show

The Golden Age of Burlesque may be over; but Vaudezilla is intent on bringing it back with fervor.

Anti-Valentine’s Day 2012

The single and Valentine’s Day haters have banded together to make this day bearable for Chicagoans. Behold the five best ways to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day

The Village Discount Outlet: A Thrifter’s Survival Guide

Shopping here is time consuming, but well worth it. And like all good thrift store shopping, it requires patience and the ability to leave your sense of smell at the door.

The Chicago Public Library

What makes the Chicago Public Library so special? A whole flipping lot!

Transistor: An Andersonville Shop for the Art/Book/Music Lover

Transistor is one of those hard-to-define Andersonville stores. Is it a record store? A bookstore? With art for sale on every inch of wall and amps, instruments, and headphones on display, I had to ask—what is Transistor?

Drinking and Writing Theater

Some things were just meant to be together. The Drinking and Writing Theater hits the nail on the head combining two acts that can play an influential and enhancing role in the experience of each.