Attractions in UIC/Tri-Taylor

Attractions, sights, and museums in Chicago’s UIC/Tri-Taylor neighborhood.

Let’s Make a Deal: Maxwell Street Market

Before there was Target or Wal-Mart, even before clearance items or sales racks, there was Maxwell Street Market. A bargainer’s haven, the little thoroughfare on the near west side is open every Sunday.

It’s Amore: A History of Little Italy

Whether you’re interested in Chicago’s ethnic history or you just want to grab a good sausage, a visit to Little Italy and its surrounding attractions are a must.

Hull House Museum

Jane Addams is regarded as one of the most respected women in history. Addams opened the Hull House in 1889, the first settlement house in the United States. The house is now a museum.

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Home to the city’s best Italian Ice, Mario’s is a local favorite and a symbol of Taylor Street Italian culture.