South Side of Chicago

A guide to the neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

Hull House Museum

Jane Addams is regarded as one of the most respected women in history. Addams opened the Hull House in 1889, the first settlement house in the United States. The house is now a museum.

The Bookstores of Hyde Park

Hyde Park houses four prominent bookstores, The Seminary Co-Op, 57th Street Books, O’Gara and Wilson Ltd, and Powell’s. I went to figure out why they needed four.

The Woodlawn Tap (Bar, Hyde Park)

The Woodlawn Tap merits a visit whether the temperature outside is ten degrees or a hundred. While the outside of the bar is nothing much to look at, what it lacks in flair is made up for in spades by the interior.

Stearns Quarry: A Beautiful Dump

Stearns Quarry is essentially an urban oasis, and one of the best spots on the city for a picnic.

Chicago Arts District & Second Fridays

Every second Friday of the month, the artists of Pilsen open their gallery doors to the public, ready to show off their latest work.

Promontory Point Park: Chicago Reimagined

Perhaps the city’s most enchanting feature, Promontory Point Park opened to the public in 1937. It exists as a place where Chicago can be picked up, turned around, flipped upside down and seen all over again with new eyes.

Simone’s (Bar, Pilsen)

Simones, a swanky bar built from reclaimed pin ball machines and a bowling alley, is the perfect example of this hip Pilsen scene where an amalgamation of the neighborhoods various working parts all come together.

Music & the Arts in Beverly

At the Beverly Art Center and The Music Station, South siders get their fix of music, theater, art, and more.

Shopping in Beverly & Mt. Greenwood

Tired of your typical North side shopping routine? Shake it up with a trip to Beverly and Mt. Greenwood for some unique stores offering quality clothing and antiques.

Cafe 103 (Restaurant, Beverly, BYOB)

DeColores (Restaurant, Pilsen, BYOB)

Museum of Science and Industry

Spend an entire day exploring this interactive science museum with historic permanent collections and innovative temporary exhibits.

National Museum of Mexican Art

The National Museum of Mexican Art is one of Chicago’s best, yet most under-appreciated art galleries.

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Home to the city’s best Italian Ice, Mario’s is a local favorite and a symbol of Taylor Street Italian culture.