Ravenswood & Lincoln Square

Neighborhood guide to Ravenswood and Lincoln Square on the Northwest Side of Chicago.

Pizza Art Cafe (Restaurant, Lincoln Square/Ravenswood)

Tucked into a residential street in Ravenswood just a few blocks from the center of Lincoln Square, this is the type of place at which I could see myself becoming a regular. It’s Italian. It’s BYOB. And it’s inexpensive. A triple threat in my book.

UNDER THE ‘L’ – Western Brown Line

UNDER THE ‘L’ – Western Brown Line

Follow us as we explore some of the city’s coolest CTA “L” stops, checking out unique spots within walking distance of public transportation! Next stop: Western Brown Line

Turtle Racing at Big Joe’s

If you’re in the 98% percentile of Americans who have never seen a turtle race, this is definitely worth a visit. Friday night at this Lincoln Square watering hole every dollar you spend on drinks buys you a raffle ticket, which positions you one step closer to sponsoring a turtle.

5 Kickass… Chicago Bowling Alleys

5 Kickass… Chicago Bowling Alleys

Looking to escape the summer heat or the winter cold? Want to claim that you’re exercising while drinking pitchers of PBR? Check out this list of 5 kickass Chicago bowling alleys, grab your balls and hit the lanes!

Chicago Folk & Roots Festival

Chicago Folk & Roots Festival

Hosted by the Old Town School of Folk Music, the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival is a two-day music celebration held annually in Welles Park. This year’s festival will be July 9-10.

Julius Meinl (Cafe, Lakeview/North Center)

This cafe & restaurant is a gem of a spot in a city scattered with Starbucks. If you’re the type who enjoys slowly sipping a great cup of tea or a cappuccino while reading the paper uninterrupted, this is the place for you.

Bad Apple (Bar, Lincoln Square)

Bad Apple features a beer list that while small, is excellently curated (are beer selections curated? Can I have THAT job?) and on top of it all dirt cheap.

The Grafton (Bar, Lincoln Square)

With a great array of imported beers, 10 draft beers, and a hearty selection of Irish whiskey, you can’t go wrong with this traditional Irish pub.

Fountainhead (Bar, Lincoln Square)

Though relatively young to the scene, Fountainhead isn’t kidding around with its whiskey and beer list!

Huettenbar (Bar, Lincoln Square)

If you are expecting to find Miller Light on tap, they have a faucet in the bathroom that you are welcome to fill your cup with. You’re going to look at the taps, pick a German word, and get a liquid resembling in color a piece of furniture made from heavily varnished walnut tree wood, which by the way would not seem out of place in the Huettenbar.

Tiny Lounge (Bar, Lincoln Square)

Tiny Lounge screams date night — a cocktail canteen that straps their mixologists in t-shirts instead of mutton chops and peaked lapels.

UPchicago Bar Crawl: North Center & Lincoln Square

UPchicago Bar Crawl: North Center & Lincoln Square

For this project we assembled six writers who would each choose a destination, collectively drink there and then individually share their impressions. This is our story.

Half Acre Brewery

Tap into the growing trend of local brew by learning about the city’s breweries, like Half Acre Beer, a Chicago favorite.