Lincoln Park

Neighborhood guide to Lincoln Park on the North Side of Chicago.

Rose Angelis (Restaurant, Lincoln Park)

Nestled on Wrightwood between Southport and Racine is a little piece of Italian heaven known as Rose Angelis.

Fish Bar (Restaurant, Lakeview)

As a fan of DMK Burger Bar, I had high hopes for their next door neighbor by the same owners, Fish Bar. Another creation by Chef Michael Kornick, this little seafood spot doesn’t disappoint.

Baby Wants Candy: A Completely Improvised Musical

Baby Wants Candy: A Completely Improvised Musical

With locations in Chicago, New York, London, and Edinburgh, Baby Wants Candy has spread musical and comedic joy to over 1,700 audiences.

Joe’s Bar On Weed Street (Bar/Concert Venue, Lincoln Park)

Joe’s on Weed offers a great place to watch sports and drink cheap beer.

McGee’s (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Located just off the DePaul campus in Lincoln Park, McGee’s is crawling with twenty-somethings on one mission: to get really drunk.

The Beaumont (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Partiers flock to this spot as a late-night option, and you can expect patrons to be three sheets to the wind and ready to give their dancing shoes a workout.

Kendalls (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Another bar from the Casey Moran crew (Kelsey’s, Kincades, Twisted Lizard, O’Donovan’s), Kendall’s is a staple on the strip of Lincoln Avenue bars that seem constantly packed with young 20-somethings looking for a good deal and a place to catch the game.

Kincades (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Good food and beer specials, a rowdy crowd, and karaoke & trivia nights. What more could you want in a Lincoln Park bar?

The Apartment (Bar, Lincoln Park)

This bar/lounge, located above Lion’s Head Pub, is set-up exactly like its namesake, a real apartment.

Gamekeepers (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Gamekeepers is the quintessential Lincoln Park 4am (5am on Saturdays) bar.

Halligan’s (Bar, Lincoln Park)

Catering mostly to the Depaul crowd, Halligan’s is a typical Irish bar boasting lots of Guinness and Jameson.

Lincoln Hall (Bar & Music Venue, Lincoln Park)

Without anthropomorphizing music venues or speculating on a given building’s feelings, Schubas’ little sister Lincoln Hall has quickly become the premier music venue in all of Chicago.

The Local Option (Bar, Lincoln Park)

The Local Option has a rock edge to it and probably the biggest and best beer list in Lincoln Park.

Flat Top Grill (Restaurant, Multiple Locations)

At Flat Top Grill, you are the head chef.