City Orientation

New to Chicago? You’ve gotta start somewhere. Up your Chicago knowledge by reading about the city’s flag, public transportation, the grid layout, and much more!

The Chicago Pedway

The Chicago Pedway

Oh, the Chicago Pedway. What a perfectly unique quirk in this city full of surprises. This underground system of tunnels connects Chicago’s Loop, a fascinating and functional city below the city.

A How-To Guide to Being A Chicago Tourist

Millions of people journey to Chicago every year, but many have not done the proper leg work necessary to ensure a pleasant trip. Here are some pointers to make sure you don’t end up like so many Windy City wanderers before you.

City Orientation: Learn your way around Chicago

Chicago’s grid system makes getting around the city a cinch. Check out our advice on how to navigate the city and learn its set-up.

Chicago Slang: How to Talk Like a Local

We don’t drink soda in Chicago. And we definitely don’t wear sneakers. Confused? Let us fill you in on the local lingo of this Midwestern town.

Chicago Non-Profits

There are many people in need in Chicago. Here’s some info on a few of my favorite Chicago charities.

The Windy City: the nickname that won’t quit

Check out all different sides of the story while we examine why Chicago is really called the Windy City.

The “L” Basics

The “L” is one of the best ways to get around the city! Check out our tips on how to use this efficient and inexpensive mode of transportation.

Decoding the Traffic Report

Commuting can be a headache, alright, it can be a downright nightmare. But it helps to know the best routes, the routes to avoid, and understand the traffic report.

Driving in Chicago

Driving can be a relatively painless way to get around Chicago. Check out some of the info you may need to know before you hit the road.

The Chicago Flag

Sure the Chicago flag looks simple, but do you know what those stars and stripes really stand for?