Real Estate Info

Whether you’re renting, buying, or selling, let us help you get the lay of the land when it comes to Chicago real estate, agents, and the MLS. Our real estate expert, David, will give it to you straight and answer those pressing questions, minus the BS.

Chicago Real Estate: Renting

Renting a new apartment is exciting…and scary. Check out David’s tips for renting in Chicago.

Chicago Real Estate: Buying

Thinking about buying a place in Chicago? Check out our Chicago real estate expert’s advice to help you get started.

Chicago Real Estate: Selling

Thinking about selling your place in Chicago? We hope you’re just moving to another place in the city. Check out David’s tips for a smooth sale.

Chicago Real Estate: Agents and the MLS

A brief overview of the role of real estate agents in Chicago and the Illinois Multiple Listings Service.

Chicago Real Estate History

From drug busts to gentrification, Chicago’s neighborhoods are ever-evolving, as is property value. Learn about the history of real estate in the city here.