City Basics

New to Chicago? You’ve gotta start somewhere. Up your Chicago knowledge by reading about the city’s flag, public transportation, the grid layout, and much more!

Higher Learning: Bringing a Whole New Meaning to “Chicago School”

Chicago’s architecture has influenced American architecture more than any other. Many of our most notable buildings come from influences from the “Chicago School.”

Top Chicago Plumbers and Contractors

When it comes to plumbing, when the going gets tough, the tough call the plumber. You want to make sure that the person coming into your home is professionally trained, knows how to fix your problem, and will be sure to clean up any resulting mess.

Required Reading: Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions

Required Reading: Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions

Michael Czyzniejewski’s Chicago Stories takes us down the road of a hilarious recount of Chicago history as we’ve never seen it.

Lake Shore Drive

If ever asked to take a trip on LSD, Chicago is the safest place in the world where you can answer “yes.”

UPchicago Sweepstakes: Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card to Metropolis Coffee!

UPchicago Sweepstakes: Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card to Metropolis Coffee!

Do you love coffee? (Who are we kidding, you need it to get through your day…) Do you love buying local? Do you love free swag? We thought so. Enter for a chance to win!

The Chicagoan

Between 1926 and 1935 ran a magazine called the Chicagoan. Published in the same vein as the New Yorker as a cultural spotlight on the Second City, the periodical fizzled out in less than a decade.

Chicago Record Labels (Part One)

Beyond the plethora of music venues, record stores and starving musicians looking to make more than a peep in this city, Chicago is one of the leading hubs for record labels.

Riverview: A Lost Amusement Park in the Heart of Chicago

Riverview: A Lost Amusement Park in the Heart of Chicago

Riverview Park, once located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, was one of the greatest of all amusement parks, and still holds a special place in the heart of all those who remember.

Chicago’s Public Transit Train: A Brief History of the “L”

Love it or hate it, the “L” is an integral part of Chicago history and culture.

The Chicago Public Library

What makes the Chicago Public Library so special? A whole flipping lot!

The (Secret) Intercontinental Hotel Tour

These things are usually reserved for cryptic messages written in invisible ink behind the canvas of the Mona Lisa. I’m speaking of Dan Brownian searches, the mystery hidden in plain view; I’m talking about the Intercontinental Hotel.

Pickwick Theatre: A Modern Jazz-Age Marvel

The Pickwick is one of the few remaining movie palaces left in Chicago still open and operating today. It allows visitors to revel in the glamour of the Jazz Age as they take in the latest films Hollywood has to offer.

Required Reading: Sin in the Second City

In Karen Abbott’s Sin in the Second City readers can learn about the Levee, Chicago’s red-light district. At the heart of it all was the Everleigh Club.

The Chicago Pedway

The Chicago Pedway

Oh, the Chicago Pedway. What a perfectly unique quirk in this city full of surprises. This underground system of tunnels connects Chicago’s Loop, a fascinating and functional city below the city.