Candyality: What Your Sweets Say About You

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Consider the last time you bought a candy bar or other sweets. What did you go for? Was it chocolate-covered? Crunchy? Sour? Have you ever wondered what your candy choices say about you? If so, the next time you have a craving, head over to Candyality, an old-fashioned sweets shop and candy emporium nestled in the trendy shopping district of Southport Corridor in Lakeview.

Candyality — imagined, owned, and operated by Terese McDonald — offers customers a glimpse into their personality traits each time they visit. McDonald discovered after years in candy sales that candy really is universal; it transcends our differences and speaks to the inner-child in us all. Candyality was born out of this philosophy, and, according to the website, this fun take on candy-shopping is derived from “the desire to uncover the universal connection with confection.” McDonald dreams of candy reading becoming as universal as tarot cards and other fortune-telling skills. Each time a candy-lover heads to the register to purchase their sweets of choice, a friendly shop girl or guy reads the candy, discovering what each candy choice reveals about his or her personality.

I was skeptical at first, but after a friend swore her personality profile was dead-on (she also claimed McDonald could tell which candy she was buying for herself and which candy was a gift), I had to see this Chicago-based fortune-telling phenomenon myself. Upon descending on the Southport L stop, I was immediately attracted to Candyality. The storefront beckons shoppers with bright colors, a candy-packed window display, and the smell of sugar wafting from its front door. (By the way, if you can’t make it over to the Southport Brown Line stop, Candyality also has a location in The Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Avenue.)

What happened next could only be described using the tell-all cliché. I was literally like a kid in a candy store. My senses were overloaded with wall-to-wall displays of every kind of candy I could imagine. Candy from my childhood, candy from my parents’ childhood, bulk candy, boxes of candy, a Jelly Belly display…my mouth watered at each new discovery. Chocolate-covered cinnamon gummy bears? It couldn’t be! Candy cigarettes? I hadn’t seen those since the 90s! And sports fans, Candyality hasn’t left you hanging — they carry limited edition Cubbie Gummy Bears.

Their chocolate display was something to be awed and worshipped. Anything you’d want dipped in chocolate, they have dipped in chocolate. Truffles, chocolate-covered s’mores, turtles? They have it all. When asked if they make their decadent-looking truffles and other chocolate-covered sweets in-house, the workers responded congenially no. “We have our own Willy Wonka!”

While puzzling out the mystery of this response, I loaded up on a bagful of sour ribbons and handfuls of my favorite treats and headed for the register to eagerly await my personality profile.

So, what did this bagful of sour ribbons, assortment of pop rocks, and string of Zotz say about my personality? Considering that at Candyality “you are what you eat,” you might just have to poke your head in find out!

The Essentials:
Locations: 3425 N Southport Ave and 520 N Michigan Ave # 320 (Inside The Shops at North Bridge)
Phones: 773.472.7800 and 312.527.1010

Getting there:
L: Brown Line (Southport)
Bus: 9 or 22
Driving: Metered street parking

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