Big City Tap (Bar, Lakeview)

Location: 1010 W. Belmont
Phone: 773.935.9229
Deals/Covers: Every day-$2.50 PBR, Monday- $3.50 “You Call It”, Tuesday & Thursday- $1 Beer of the Day, Wednesday- $3 Well Drinks, $3 German Shots, Friday- $1 Jello Shots, Saturday- $1 Hot Dogs!, Sunda – $3.50 Absolut Drinks

Ok. Before going to this place, you need to be aware of its nickname… Affectionately known as “Big Shitty” by many of its patrons, this bar isn’t exactly the destination if you’re looking for a classy night on the town. However, it makes for a damn good place to end your night if you’re 2am bar is closing and you want to keep on with the partying. With two huge bars, a decent-sized dance floor, and plenty of booze flowing, Big City Tap will definitely have you asking “what the hell happened last night?” over greasy breakfast the next morning.

Jackie Berkery

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With a strong phobia of cubicles and those three little words (“nine to five”), I am thrilled to be working on UPchicago from the comforts of my own couch at three o’clock in the morning. I love to write. I love Chicago. Hello, dream job!


  • Lynn B.
    February 26, 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    Early this morning my friends and I were waiting in line then all of a sudden my friend and I were DENIED entry because we were deemed “inappropriate”. The inappropriateness was not our clothing, body oder, extreme intoxication, or any other reason that would make humanly sense. The reason: OUR HAIR STYLE!!! We are both African American ladies and have natural hair. Our so called inappropriate hair styles were crinkly afros!! I spoke to the security guard who made up this ridiculous rule. He says our hair styles are not allowed. He then had the audacity to ask me were they WIGS!!! Just because we are African American and have a lot of hair doesn’t mean its fake. Contrary to popular belief African Americans can and do have REAL HAIR! Biggest insult of my life!!!!! I asked the security guard “So If I go home and strighten my hair, then I can come in” his response “Yup, we don’t allow hair fads or certain hair cuts”. Well I have ALWAYS been natural and it’s not a type of hair cut nor is it a fad. “I then asked him to explain to me what was wrong with our hair, point out the flaw” he completely avoided the question and responded with “We can’t allow your type of hair style to be in the bar ” So we could only enter if we looked less ethnic and more like every other culture with non-natural crinkly thick frizzy hair types. I am not the type of person to pull the race card or to make a scene but this is MOST DEFINITELY discrimination! What other culture do you know can have a natural afro?? I will NEVER in a million years EVER recommend this place ANYONE of any culture. Big City Tap Gets ZERO STARS from me!! A place that discriminates is NOT a place worth supporting!

  • Tessa McLean Tessa McLean
    February 27, 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    What a horrible experience Lynn B! That’s awful.

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