Beachwood Inn (Bar, Wicker Park)

Location: 1415 N. Wood
Phone: (773) 486-9806

Since its opening in 1950, Beachwood Inn has been a unique retreat from the more trafficked bars in the neighborhood. If you’re set for a long night here with a group, grab a seat in one of the two booths in the corner close to the jukebox or at a table along the wall. I spotted a stack of board games in the back — Clue and Connect Four! On the other side of the room is an old-school pinball machine – Rescue 911 — nestled in the corner by the pool table. Chicago sports flags pepper the walls between movie posters and illuminated beer advertisements. Even Cubs and Sox memorabilia live in harmony (what!?) on the back wall, something unheard of in North or South Side dives. The checkered ceiling, which is painted an otherwise hideous green, reveals the remains of a typical historic Wicker Park building.

And of course the most important thing to mention. Drinks! They’ve got a nice selection of bottled beers. Domestics run around $3.75, imports at $4.75. Two things to keep in mind: it’s cash only, and the only food you’ll find is Vitner’s Potato Chips. So, it’s not the place if you want substance. But it’s the perfect spot to sip a Guiness, lip-sync a Rod Stewart song, and play your friend to Connect Four.


About Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl grew up in rural northern Indiana, where everyone is somehow related to a farmer and horse and buggy stations are in the Wal-Mart parking lots. She moved to Chicago a few months after graduating from IU and has since fallen hopelessly in love with the city. She likes trying new deep dish places, exploring used bookstores and dive bars, chatting with strangers on public transit, and all sorts of writing - especially fiction and playwriting.

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