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Phil Kranyak
Phil grew up in small town in southeastern Pennsylvania. His family still lives across the street from a cornfield. Phil tried working at the farm when he was too young to get a real job and he left after one day because the farmhand was total creep city. He showed up to Phil's front door the next day wondering why he wasn't at work. Now Phil lives in Chicago and he thinks it was a pretty good choice.

Happy Village (Bar, Ukrainian Village)

It seems that Happy Village is a local bar to the core, with a humble beer selection and a table tennis arena in the back for visitors like me to drool over.

NFL Bars in Chicago

NFL Bars in Chicago

There is something special about watching your home team with people who grew up doing the same. Football season has started again and I have been lucky enough to find my haven in the midst of Chicago Bearitory. Let me help you find your own.

American Football Conference (AFC) Chicago Sports Bars

Football season is here again! Check out this listing to find out where you can see your AFC team play in Chicago.

National Football Conference (NFC) Chicago Sports Bars

Football season is here again! Check out this listing to find out where you can see your NFC team play in Chicago.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses do not look like the hand-in-hand paper doll chains of repetition you find on suburban streets across America today.

Smoque BBQ (Restaurant, Irving Park)

Smoque is blowing up, but through it all they are sticking to what made them great in the first place—tender, delicious BBQ.

The Whistler (Bar, Logan Square)

The first thing you notice about The Whistler is that you’ve walked past it. There are some bars where you are trying to have a “blast,” and then there are bars where you go to have a great night; The Whistler is the latter, in every positive sense of the phrase.

The Bookstores of Hyde Park

Hyde Park houses four prominent bookstores, The Seminary Co-Op, 57th Street Books, O’Gara and Wilson Ltd, and Powell’s. I went to figure out why they needed four.

The Medici Bakery (Bakery & Restaurant, Hyde Park)

Follow the trail of smiles to a garden patio and an old world bakery with delicious Italian ice and sandwiches.

The Woodlawn Tap (Bar, Hyde Park)

The Woodlawn Tap merits a visit whether the temperature outside is ten degrees or a hundred. While the outside of the bar is nothing much to look at, what it lacks in flair is made up for in spades by the interior.

Huettenbar (Bar, Lincoln Square)

If you are expecting to find Miller Light on tap, they have a faucet in the bathroom that you are welcome to fill your cup with. You’re going to look at the taps, pick a German word, and get a liquid resembling in color a piece of furniture made from heavily varnished walnut tree wood, which by the way would not seem out of place in the Huettenbar.

A Tale of Two Phillys

Philly is no Chicago (ahem, Flyers…) but those Pennsylvanians sure know how to make a cheese steak. For those far from home, we’ll help you find your favorite hoagie right here in the Midwest!

Hot Doug’s (Restaurant, Avondale)

This quirky little shop dubs themselves a Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium; check out their specials if you think they are exaggerating.

iO Theatre: Improv Comedy at its Best

iO Theatre: Improv Comedy at its Best

If you want to see or study improv comedy, then there may be no better place in the world than iO Theatre in Wrigleyville.