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Mary-Margaret McSweene
Mary-Margaret McSweene makes her home in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago with the love of her life, a pit bull/black lab mix, named Jake. Buying old things that no longer function but offer extreme aesthetic pleasure is her vice; typewriters and rotary phones are favorites. Mary-Margaret also believes that anything in life can be articulated by a Tom Petty song.

Christmas in Chicago

From the Chistkindl Market to Zoo Lights to WinterFest, Chicago is full of holiday spirit. So get out, go ice skating, check out Macy’s holiday windows, and enjoy the season! It won’t last all winter…

Studio L’Amour Burlesque

The West Loop’s Studio L’Amour is run by Chicago’s own Michelle L’Amour, a burlesque goddess known all over the country. In response to pleas from her fans, she opened the instructional studio in June of 2008.

Chicagoan of the Week: Desiree Vargas Wrigley

Chicagoan of the Week: Desiree Vargas Wrigley

Desiree Vargas Wrigley is CEO of her company, GiveForward, helping ordinary people raise money for fundraising efforts headquartered in our glorious city.

GrubHub: A Badass Chicago Company

As Chicagoans we know we don’t have anything to prove. We’re a badass city. But it’s still nice to brag when our city produces one more fabulous thing, like

Ba Le (French-Vietnamese Café, Uptown)

I realize with increasing frequency that so much of the joy in my life comes by way of happy accidents. So I suppose it was no surprise that an impromptu lunch date turned out to introduce me to a new favorite restaurant in this wonderful city.

A Colt in the Den

There I was, a new Chicagoan, and at a Super Bowl XLI party, Bears vs. Colts. Did I mention I moved to Chicago from Indianapolis?

My Sweet Home Chicago: Mary-Margaret McSweene

My Sweet Home Chicago: Mary-Margaret McSweene

The Blues classic “Sweet Home Chicago” says it all… find out what that means to the UPchicago staff, as we tell you a little bit our favorite spots, and what makes this city our home.

FREE! Chicago: Beans and Brews

In this introduction to “FREE! Chicago” we’ll tell you all about how to enjoy locally brewed beers and coffee on the cheap. Spend less, drink more!

The Argyle Street Melting Pot

While Chicago as a whole offers a slice from countless countries and regions of the world, this tiny stretch of Argyle, from Sheridan to Broadway, brings several in concert with one another.

Edgewater Lounge (Bar, Edgewater)

Location: 5600 N. Ashland Phone: (773) 878-3343 Website: Forgive me if I wax poetic on the Edgewater Lounge. It’s only one […]

Harold Washington: Chicago’s First African American Mayor

Harold Washington’s most well-known achievement was becoming the first black mayor to the city of Chicago in 1983. Now, 23 years after his death, our city is still trying to find ways to honor this man.

Election Night 2008

Election Night 2008

This article is about President Barack Obama and his election to office, but it’s not about politics. It’s not about the left, the right, or the droves of the disillusioned in between. It’s not about your vote. It’s about Chicago, and being a Chicagoan on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.

Roosevelt University: Bearing The Torch for Every Daughter and Son

Roosevelt University was born out of protest, activism, and a commitment to justice. In 2009 the school was named one of the most diverse private universities in America by the New York Times, and the U.S. News and World Reports named it the second most diverse in the Midwest.

Christine Evans: Chicagoan of the Week

Local lawyer Christine Evans is a truly extraordinary woman of super hero proportions. Mark my words, Chicagoans. This is one of our own we’ll be hearing about.