Articles By: David Frankel McLean

David Frankel McLean
I’ve been thinking philosophically about Chicago since I was jaywalking the streets at the age of 10. I don’t root for both baseball teams and I don’t put Ketchup on my hot dogs. When someone says they’re a Chicagoan they are speaking of a heritage and a doctrine, not just a location. What that doctrine is I’m not entirely sure, it’s constantly changing with the growth of the city and I’ll spend my entire life trying to figure it out.

Metropolitan Brewery

Metropolitan Brewery on the North side is crafting German Lagers with Chicago style. Learn about them here, then check ’em out in Andersonville or at your local bar.

Three Floyds Brewing Co.

The 2nd in our Chicago Brewery series, Three Floyds is grabbing hold of the local beer scene. And maybe even a reason to head to Indiana.

Chicago Record Store Guide

Chances are, if you’re a buyer of Vinyl records or rare CD’s then you enjoy the hunt for music almost as much as you enjoy the music itself. It was with this mentality that I attempted to tackle every record store within Chicago city limits.

The Hideout

Itching for a new spot to check out some cool local bands? Check out our review of the Hideout, an underground bar & music venue.

The California Clipper

The California Clipper will make you feel like you have entered another decade with its old school drinks and feel. And who can say no to a place that NEVER has a cover?

5 Kickass… Local Breweries

5 Kickass… Local Breweries

With a craft beer revolution sweeping the nation, the Chicagoland area is fast becoming home to some of the best brews in the country. Here are our picks for five kickass local breweries.

Wiener’s Circle: The One and Only

Wiener’s Circle is an icon of degeneracy, and with that comes the ultimate street food, blackened and overflowing with gluttony.

Goose Island Brewery

You might say Goose Island has made Chicago fit for these other small time bottlers; sowing the seeds of good taste for fellow breweries to graze. I, for one, salute that big fat bird. It’s recognized products like theirs that compose the fabric of Chicago’s image and formulate the lingering consistency of my Chicago pride.

Marty’s (Bar, Andersonville)

Location: 1511 W. Balmoral Phone: (773) 561-6425 I have spent plenty of time attacking the eateries, antique shopping and coffee shops of […]

The Chipp Inn (Bar, Ukrainian Village)

It’s important to note that while the waves of yuppy nation are crashing over Division street and seething gentrified foam at the heels of West and East Village, there are many “local” bars that serve as a stomping ground for the working class families of the area, past and present. Chipps Inn is one of them.

Gold Star (Bar, Wicker Park)

Gold Star is one of the last vestiges of old Wicker Park, a cash only ironic hipster den that kept their ambitions simple; cheap beer and good music.

Cobra Lounge (Bar, West Loop)

Cobra Lounge is the line between punk and grunge, distinguishing that you don’t have to be dirty or unpolished to be a bad ass.

Takashi (Restaurant, Bucktown)

If you’re looking for a safe bet in fushion cuisine then put your chips on Takashi, a French/Japanese small plate restaurant in Bucktown.

Hoosier Mama Pie Company (Bakery, Ukrainian Village)

Even if you think you don’t like pie you should challenge yourself to a visit to Hoosier Mama, chances are you’ll find something that will melt your senses and trigger a body shaking addiction.