Articles By: Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl grew up in rural northern Indiana, where everyone is somehow related to a farmer and horse and buggy stations are in the Wal-Mart parking lots. She moved to Chicago a few months after graduating from IU and has since fallen hopelessly in love with the city. She likes trying new deep dish places, exploring used bookstores and dive bars, chatting with strangers on public transit, and all sorts of writing - especially fiction and playwriting.

Not so Nice: Ed Debevic’s (Restaurant, River North)

Regardless of what my waiter said, I don’t have a miniature Tootsie Pop head! Ed Debevic’s is one eatery that may leave you a bit salty — in a good way, of course!

Anne Marie Saviano: Chicagoan of the Week

Anne Marie Saviano is a Chicago bred director/writer/teacher who never ceases to amaze us. If she isn’t directing a Second City comedy show or writing the news at WGN, she’s probably just gushing about how much she loves Chicago.

Falling up the Ladder: Fall Out Boy

Some call them power-pop. Others emo. They were even dubbed “eyelinered iteration of angry-boys-with-guitars” by Entertainment Weekly early in their career. Whatever you call them and wherever your sentiments lie, there’s no denying Fall Out Boy’s status as the Windy City’s token rock n’ roll punk boys.

It’s Amore: A History of Little Italy

Whether you’re interested in Chicago’s ethnic history or you just want to grab a good sausage, a visit to Little Italy and its surrounding attractions are a must.

South Side Magic: The White Sox

On the south side of the Red Line rests the much bigger and much newer stadium, housing the much more successful team (hey, I’m just speaking truth), the Chicago White Sox.

Corcoran’s Grill & Pub (Bar, Old Town)

Nestled on the bustling corner of North and Wells, Corcoran’s offers an oft-tried, rarely accomplished juxtaposition of the traditional Irish pub and the Chicago neighborhood bar.